National Camera Day

So tomorrow (29th June) is national camera day!  An excellent chance for you to treat yourself to a cheap, vintage camera and conveniently(!) I have just listed a selection over in my etsy shop!  They start at £5 and are all in good condition!

Please spread the word!


Meet my cameras: Part 10

The only camera I have two of is this one. They both came in my job lot of cameras and both seemed in pretty good condition. The only difference seems to be that one no longer has the logo on the front. I put a roll of film in both, same type and, in eagerness, I used up the rolls pretty quickly.

Camera 1



Camera 2

This was the second roll I went through and I was with a friend and tired and it shows because Ive forgotten to change focal length a few times. But it’s pretty much the same quality as the first camera. And it seems to be nice for taking shots of people (in the sun at least), i have a nice shot of a friend and baby but would prefer not to have it on my blog.


Nb, these images are tablet photos of the printed photos, the image quality is sharper in real life as you’d expect. I just haven’t had the patience to scan them yet.

Meet my cameras: Part 8

Today I’m going to look a a few cameras together, the non functional ones.  Well, the ones I know are non functional as I’m sure there’ll be some in the job lot that don’t work.

Agfa Super Silette

This beautiful camera with it’s case was introduced in 1955.  I haven’t had any luck opening the back of it but the camera is special to me all the same.  I recieved it from a close friend and it belonged to his grandad.  In the back of the case there are some notes written on the back of a cereal box to remind him how to use it.

DSC_0116 eDSC_0117 e

In my job lot of cameras, I’ve got an Agfa Silette from 1953.  The Super Silette has the same body as the Silette but has a coupled rangefinder which can help with focussing.

No 2 Brownie model F

Made in Canada, this camera was released in 1924.  Mine is missing some of it’s inside parts and the wind on lever is stuck.  But it’s a nice piece to own.  As a simple and inexpensive camera, the Brownie series made photography more accessible and wikipedia claims it introduced the concept of the snapshot.  Perhaps then the forebearer to selfies?

This camera always puts me in mind of You Press The Button, We Do The Rest by Duke Special.

No 2 Folding Autographic Brownie

A present from my sister, this camera is a thing of beauty!  And purely for decoration.  They were made between 1915 and 1926 and mine includes the stylus which I think is pretty cool!  You would lift the metal flap on the back of the camera and use the metal stylus to write.  Once developed your words would appear in white on your photograph.

DSC_0113 e cDSC_0115 e c