Print Swap, Follow Up

So, a couple of days ago, probably longer, I wrote about the print swap I took part in.  Since then, the person I sent my art to has received it and written some awesome words about it over on her blog Today I Wrote Nothing.

I also mentioned that I received my goodies from Dianne Tanner.  I had been eyeing up some bits from her shop pre swap and then I had the good luck that she had a spring sale (over now, sorry!)!  So a week after my swap parcel arrived, I got a second parcel from Dianne!


I was so torn and could easily have bought a lot more but in the end I settled on a coin purse with a dino on and a large carry all which I can get my tablet in if I want to.  At the moment though it’s coming in useful for my film cameras when I’m in the wheelchair – having them in my bag isn’t very helpful cos that’s on the back of the chair and I have to get out to retrieve anything.  And cos I’m currently carrying round several cameras when I go out, I can’t just have them loose next to me in the chair as I lose track of them and I worry about them falling out… So enter the carry all.  It’s squishy and beautiful and tactile and vegan.


The back is a gorgeous faux suede!

Ps, that quilt they’re on, I made it back in better hand years!


Print swap with dianne tanner

I recently took part in a print swap organised by dianne tanner. You get given a person to send your art to and someone else sends you art.

Mine was sent off and hopefully received long enough ago that I’m going to share it here.


Along with a little handmade book and one of my greetings cards of York Minster.

This week I received my art which was from the lovely dianne herself!! She sent a couple of prints, a notebook and postcard – look at the dinos!!!  If you like her photography, you really should check out her website. She has some beautiful bits and pieces, I’m lusting after the coin purses and carry alls