Image transfer

After years of seeing it on blogs and pinterest I finally attempted an image transfer myself. Mostly because it came up in last weeks wanderlust class.

Apparently it works best with a photocopy or lazer printer and gel medium.

I had pva glue and an inkjet printer.  But it turned out OK except the tail. I think it probably had too much glue or too much water on.



Very quick how to:

Cover your image and the page you’re transferring to with a thin layer of pva. Stick the image image side down and smooth out any air bubbles. Leave. I left mine about ten minutes. Spray the image with water and start smooshing it with your finger, the paper will start to come off. In my case a lot of ink also came off but there is enough left on the page to satisfy me. Perhaps leaving it longer would result in blacker lines. The image I used was darker than the outcome but I like this faded vintage worn look.