Meet my cameras: Part 2

Let’s get the digital cameras out the way before we move onto the film ones.  As well as my Nikon D40, I have a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix which doesn’t get much use these days (I like to have it when I’m away as it pops in a bag more easily when you’re out at night) and a Nikon D5500 with 18-140mm lens.

Nikon D5500


This was a BIG upgrade to my D40 but I think we can be safe that photography isn’t a short lived phase for me… It’s got all the things you’d expect of a modern digital SLR but most importantly for me, it was one of the lighter ones available at time of purchase and it has a flip out back screen which can be used as a live view screen.  This means I can take photos from angles I couldn’t otherwise reach as I can no longer crawl around the floor (boo, hiss).

DSC_0062 e

Without wanting to sound like it’s not a great camera, there isn’t much more to say really.  If you want to find out about spec and performance there’s 101 sites online you can turn to.  It’s a great camera with all the familiar features of the D40 and various additional ones.  I’d expect nothing else from a modern DSLR.

autumn walk


A new camera

autumn walk

This weekend I finally bought a new DSLR.  My beloved Nikon D40 is past it’s best and was bottom of the market when I did get it all those years ago.  Despite having shown an interest in photography since I was a little girl, the first time I was able to play with it was when I was 18 and got my first digital (point and shoot) camera.  Prior to that, photos had to be of people or things because of the price of film.  My interest quickly moved from photos of friends and photographs for memories into creative photography.  A couple of years later, I got my D40 and its been with me ever since.  But its showing it’s age.  Its from a time where 5 megapixels was amazing and whilst it does take great photos still, I felt it was time to upgrade.

So I’ve got the Nikon D5500, mostly because of its articulated live view screen.  I’m hoping this will allow me to keep taking the photos I want despite my reduced mobility and inability to sit on the floor any more.  I took it out for an autumn roll around the park to test it out and I’m pretty pleased so far!