This has to be a Cambodia photo – it was so hot when I was there!

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Best decision of 2015

Eek, there’s a challenging topic!

Actually on reflection it probably isn’t. Going travelling on my own (joining small group tours) whilst I still kind of physically able to was a very good decision on my part. Technically choosing to go to cambodia was last year’s decision but the spontaneous decision to go to Ireland was back in January. In hindsight, if my trip had been much later in the year (I went in July I think), I wouldn’t have physically made it through.



Sacred space

In addition to Gougane Barra (see day 3), I have also been to Cambodia.  There are so many ruins of temples that it could have been hard to choose a photo.  But this was taken when I was away from the group (they were walking further than I could manage) so I had more time to feel the space and take something other than the standard tourist picture.

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Siam Reap, Cambodia

Ta Prohm, Siam Reap, Cambodia

What you never see in pictures of sites such as Ta Prohm in Siam Reap (above), is the hoards of other tourists looking round with you.  There are so many fantastic opportunities for photographers and yet if you wanted it free of strangers, you would never finish walking round the temple complex.  That said, it is a beautiful site and being unable to take the obvious iconic shots, does make you look a little harder and a little more creatively.