World Asthma Day

I expect you’ve all heard of asthma and almost certainly know more than one person who has asthma. But have you ever really thought about it?

As the video above nicely explains the biological side of asthma I won’t go into it.

Instead I am taking a much more personal approach. I have asthma and was diagnosed at 11. At that point it was exercise triggered and only really impacted on me in PE lessons…

As I got older and didn’t have to do PE, my asthma was mostly triggered by my many many allergies.  when I was exposed to an allergen my asthma would probably be described as moderate but for the rest of the time I was OK and my breathing was controlled using antihistamines and preventative inhalers.

Then I had a horrific Christmas when I was 18.  I had a really severe allergic reaction (not anaphylaxis but pretty serious) and I probably should have been taken to hospital. I remember very little of that couple of weeks but I could barely walk because of being unable to breathe.  Thankfully that was a one off and, touch wood, I have never had an attack like that since.

But I mention it because some people have asthma so severe where that type of experience is common.  If you have never been through it, I don’t think you can understand how scary it is.  And the fear makes it worse!

The other reason for my super brief history of my asthma was to highlight that it is not just about exercise and that it isn’t a static condition.

The other thing I really wanted to share is my new-to-me inhaler! I went to my doctors because my physical hand pain was making it hard to use my traditional style inhaler. This new one is really hand friendly. You flip the lid and inhale.  The act of flipping the lid releases powder based medication so you can get someone to flip it, leave it open and then inhale it a little later ie I can use my inhaler when my carers are not present.

wp-1491208505355.jpg  wp-1491208509468.jpg


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