Save the Frogs Day

Did you know that frogs are really suffering?  I didn’t until a few months ago when I watched a documentary about them.  It seems that they’re being attacked from many different sides; climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, frog diseases…

And whilst you might not think much about the humble frog, they are actually really important to our planet.  They play a vital role in the ecosystem and are a good indicator of the health of the planet and thus our own future.  They have also been described as “hopping pharmacies” as they contain a range of potentially useful medicinal compounds.

Of all the amphibians on the IUNC Red List, 41% are threatened with extinction.

How shocking is that?  And most people are completely unaware of the perils our froggy friends are facing.  Which makes Save the Frog day much more important than it might at first sound.

There is lots of information about the risks to amphibians and what can be done to help them from the Amphibian Survival Alliance.  If you want to read more about the frog, then check out my post about the frog card from the wild unknown animal spirit deck.


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