Earth Day

Earth Day could be a really serious, intense kind of day.  And there is a lot out there about the hard stuff; climate change, pollution, habitat destruction etc.

But the other side is that if we celebrate the earth, if we fall in love with our planet, then we will inevitably take better care of it.

So this is a post of celebration and photos…


A weaving from fabric dyed by plants


“My” tree


Clay prints of leaves and twigs found on a walk


Rowntree park is my local “earth space”.  It’s a wondering park with lots of greenery, wilder parts, more manicured parts.  It’s often busy and is clearly a very valued space for many people.


My tree oracle deck offers me guidance

DSC_0024 e c

My tree again!  It’s actually in Rowntree Park so you can see that I really do value my local green space.


And totally differently, this is the coast of Ireland.  A harsher rocky place, on the west coast facing the vast ocean.

The earth is amazing, diverse, vast, intense, beautiful… Our home.  Let’s treat it the way we treat our individual homes.


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