National Tea Day

An obvious way to celebrate national tea day is obviously to drink tea!

My day in tea

First cup of the day is currently lemon and ginger tea because it helps with my swallowing issues. In the past this has been mint tea, coffee and regular tea. The latter came to an end when it started to make me ill. It turned out it was the milk but I was too young to understand that. The psychological association between milky tea and being ill means I still can’t drink milky tea, even with milk alternatives.

This morning I felt yukky (vertigo…) so after my lemon and ginger tea I had a cup of nettle and peppermint to help settle my stomach.  I had planned on taking photos of all my cups of tea today but I have entirely lost my sense of time so I forgot it was Friday…

Having a post rubbish drs appointment cup of tea:

For those of you are really interested in tea, you might want to think about the impact that tea has had over the years.  From the British “discovery” of tea to the Boston tea party to the fairtrade tea today.  I find it really fascinating and if you read into you, you’ll see that views on tea have varied considerably.  At one stage it was deemed unsuitable for poor workers because they should be spending their money on more nutritious things.  We also have the culture of tea, the tea ceremonies in Japan, the British idea that a cup of tea will fix everything and so on.  Where would we be without tea?!


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