Garlic Day

Garlic day is probably the only day I can guarantee you won’t see a vampire.  Providing that is, you celebrate it correctly.  By which I mean, eat as much of the stuff as you can.  Ideally also hang a string of garlic round your neck just to be extra safe!

For breakfast, you may want to consider garlic mushrooms on toast or a garlic infused baked egg dish.

Lunch is sorted with a nice roasted garlic and dill white bean dip.

If you’re looking for a mid afternoon snack, turn to garlic, rosemary and chilli almonds or some chocolate coated garlic for those of you with a sweet tooth…

Tea time, the more traditional time for garlic for most of us. I suggest a nice garlicky pasta sauce with garlic bread.

And a garlic martini to finish the day…

But please, don’t give me a goodnight kiss!*
*I will not be following my own meal plan however I will be enjoying a lovely garlicky gingery tofu and broccoli stir fry!


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