World Voice Day

Note, I do realise that not everyone has a voice in the traditional speaking way and this is not meant to erase those people.

World Voice Day was created to “share the excitement of voice science, pedagogy and the vocal arts”.  According to the founders, the voice is very overlooked despite being very important to most of us, not just singers.

There are three main components to the voice:

  • Pitch – high or low
  • Resonance – that is, where the voice comes from – the front or the back of the mouth
  • Intonation – the up and down in what we’re saying, the expression of emotions through the voice

One interesting video I came across discussed voice in relation to trans people and the voice as part of their identity.  It’s well worth a watch and I’d like to come back to the idea of voice and identity when my vertigo is better.

Voice feels like an important part of who most of us are.  We can call people and before caller ID, you might know who was calling just from their voice.  I’m sure most of us have experienced listening to a recording of ourselves and feeling disconnected from that voice. As I said, a topic for another day…



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