International safety pin day

What can you do with a safety pin? Well, pin things.

But also you can make jewellery, accessorise with them a la punk rock, to press the little button on your broken dvd player to force it to release your dvd…  Apparently some people pin their socks together before putting them in the washing machine so as not to end up with odd pairs… Personally I love odd socks!

In my case, I have used them to hold my splints together which also meant they were on hand to whip up a nifty homemade eclipse viewer (a piece of paper with a teeny hole in which you use to project the eclipse image onto a second piece of paper).  I’ve donated my safety pin to a woman in Lime Street train station who was despairing over a broken strap which was leaving her at risk of flashing her fellow passengers.

Any other ways of using the deceptively simple safety pin?

I had been hoping when I saw this day listed that it would be about the use of the safety pin as a sign of solidarity .


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