The day of what?!

You know all those bizarre national days of this, international days of that and awareness day for the other? Well, when I was doing my new thing every day thing during lent, I looked some up to see if they could prompt me. And it did help. I learnt about storytelling, tested out my skills by subjecting my carer to a tale about how the zebra got it’s stripes, created a found poem as part of poetry day.  I thought about weeds on weed appreciation day and so on and so on…

There are more “days of…” out there than there are days in the year and they tend to pass most people by.  They get used on low news days or noted by a subset of people with very specific interests.  There are exceptions but for the most part, you won’t know that today is Day of the Finnish Language…

So, always a sucker for the underdog, the overlooked and the mocked, I am setting out on a quest to mark a lot of these days.

Given that my own version of lent ends today, I will be starting my “the day of what?!” series.  I have selected one “day of what?!” for each day between 10th April and the end of August.

I will record my adventures into the “days of what?!” through a collection of photographs, anecdotes, facts and links.  On the days when there is nothing being marked (a rarity), I will regale you with facts about the date in history.

Finally, as a warning or disclaimer or just notice, this will be a collection of serious, sensible, amusing and bizarre. Just like the system of days themselves.


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