Butterflies: a year long project 

This years project is based around the life cycle of butterflies; eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises and butterflies.

Different species spend winter in different forms but I am starting my project with the egg. If you’ve not seen butterfly eggs then you’re missing out! They are absolutely tiny but they have spectacular structures:

An initial look at the different types of eggs

My pinterest board for the project

The Butterflies of Britain and Ireland by Jeremy Thomas and Richard Lewington has beautiful, detailed pictures of the different stages of the butterflies that are native to the country.

There are so many butterflies that I wanted to narrow things down a bit so I’m focusing on those which are seen in Yorkshire.  More specifically, for the egg part, I am looking at the wonderfully named Purple Hairstreak.  I’m not yet sure where I’m going with it but I’m researching and learning and thinking.


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