Converge mixed media course 

Over the last six weeks I’ve been taking part in a mixed media course with Converge.  If you’re in York and have mental health issues and enjoy creative activities, definetely have a look at what they offer.  Their courses are free, relaxed and they have a wide range from creative writing to film making to drawing.

The course looked at a different medium each week, starting with mark making and pencils:

Then inks which I loved.  We started by watching a video of under the sea and painting whatever we saw as a way of getting used to the inks and how they work.

Then adding a second colour for a more planned piece of work:

I missed week three due to illness but it was drawing people using graphite which I know wouldn’t have played to my strengths.

Then collage which I love!  Normally my collages are really busy so I used this opportunity to get advice from our teacher about more minimalistic approaches.

Annoyingly I didn’t take a picture of my work for week 5… It was a free for all so we could do anything we’d covered so far.  I chose collage and created a head with thinky words on and a hand with creating words on.  They’re mounted on a black piece of paper.

And the final week we went back to inks (yay!).  This time we flicked through magazines for ideas and I painted a sea urchin:

I’ve really enjoyed doing an in person art class and love that it’s relaxed and friendly.  There’s no pressure to create a masterpiece and it’s ok if I need to stop and rest my hands for a while.  Everyone has produced some great pieces and they’re so different which I love seeing.

Next week, we start the advanced course!


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