Collaged Oracle Cards

Collaged card

A few months back I started making some little collages on a set of sample playing cards I had.  I really enjoyed working on them and eventually had 55 little individual collages.  They are wonderfully textural and I have collaged the backs in neutral-ish colours.  Each card had a word or phrase on and I decided I’d like to use them as oracle cards part way through creating them.  However, because they are wonderfully textural, they are very tricky to handle and shuffle…!

Selection of collaged cards
More collaged cards

So I, with help from my carer, scanned each front and back in, edited them and sent them off to get printed.  Because this hadn’t been my original plan, they weren’t all set up great for this – you have to leave a printer margin and some of my words were very very close to the edge so some of them have white edges.  Also my scanner was a bit patchy so that affects the quality a bit as well.

Printed cards
See the white edges?
Backs of the cards

However, despite that, I love them!  And as I use them, generally alongside tarot cards, I find myself seeing new things in them and discovering more meanings.


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