Little white book

A little white book is a small pamphlet which comes with a tarot deck and often includes a note from the artist as well as a brief meaning of the cards. As part of Susannah Conway’s 78 Mirrors course, we’re making our own little white books (lwb).

I’m especially proud of mine because I made the book itself. It’s a5 paper (from various bits of other sized paper I had kicking around. My poor cutting skills means the pages aren’t exactly the same size and the holes aren’t punched in exactly the same place so it has a rustic, home made feel ūüėČ). The cover is two pieces of Amazon packaging, cut slightly bigger than a5 and covered with decorative paper. I think covered the inside covers with a piece of a5 card and used book rings to hold it all together. 

Susannah suggests using something akin to this, eg a filofax, so that you can add pages and move them around later if you want. 

I’ve included some coloured card as a divider between spreads and card meanings and used washi tape to edge the start of each suite so it’s easy to find. I tried to go for associated colours so cups have blue tape, my tree card meanings have tree tape etc.

When my hands are happier I’d like to put tape on each page edge. 


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