Meet my cameras: Part 11


To start with I liked this camera. its a nice size and easy to use because you don’t have a lot of control options. You can set weather and distance and shutter speed.

The first thing that turned me was the catch to get into the back. It’s fiddly and stiff and needs holding open to open and close the back. The first roll of film didn’t stay connected to the take up rod. So attempt number two. You have to remember to reset the shutter cock for each photo. Bit irritating but I’m sure you’d get used to it.

To rewind you need to pull out the rewinder and turn it whilst depressing the shutter release. Another negative in my opinion with my rubbish hands… And then the final straw for me; my rewind wheel was stuck. Nothing I did would change this so I went into a dark part of my house, got the film out and pushed it back into the canister as best I could. This is probably quite simple if your hands work, mine do not work well at all*.

So expecting nothing I took the film to my friendly photo shop and didn’t get too excited. And wasn’t surprised when I got nothing. I was a bit disappointed. I’d hoped for at least one image but I wasn’t very surprised…

*I have a condition called ehlers danlos syndrome which causes me joint and muscle pain, fatigue and full or partial dislocations amongst other things.


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