Meet my cameras: Part 12

Beirette vsn


This 35mm is lovely. It was produced between 1974-1989, it feels lightweight (233g apparently) and has weather symbols to help you with settings. It wad also easy to load.  My favourite thing about this though is the cocking lever. It has a pleasing mechanism which, unlike some film cameras, seems to be placed so that it’s a really intuitive step to take after shooting.  Wind on wheels etc on some of the cameras I’ve got are in strange places, such as underneath the camera which makes it easier to forget (it probably didn’t at the time of making but digital has spoilt us!).


I was pretty chuffed when I got the pictures back – all of them came out and the only issues were user error (not changing the focal distance mostly which results in blurry images).  I even managed to get some pics of the ducklings and a local cat!


Note to self: to unwind, you need to press the button underneath the camera whilst turning the rewinder.


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