Meet my cameras: Part 9

Instamatic 25


This camera was a charity shop find which turns out to take 126 film which is no longer made… But is for sale on ebay although it’s quite expensive given that you have no idea if it’s still usable or not… In my case it wasn’t…

In my job lot of cameras I also got a 224, 233 and 333-x which were made between 1963 and 1974. Instamatic are a series from kodak of inexpensive and easy to load 126 and 110 cameras.


I’m probably not going to test all of them, simply because of the price of 126 film.  There are hacks you can do to use 35mm instead but my hands aren’t up to it.  I suspect I will end up keeping the Instamatic 25 (sentimental reasons – I’ve used it and it was my first one) and selling the others.  If you’re interested in buying them, let me know and make me an offer.  Otherwise they will probably end up on etsy at some stage.


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