Meet my cameras: Part 6

It turns out 24th April is world pinhole photography day. Or so I’m reliably informed by lomography who go on to say…

“To understand pinhole photography, we’ll have to travel back to before photography was even invented! Before the camera, artists used the camera obscura, a dark room or chamber with a hole in one side. When light passed through the hole, an image was projected on the inside of the chamber, allowing the artists to create a starting draft of their intended subject. And then one day, the idea crossed someone’s mind to permanently fix this image of light onto a surface—leading to the birth of the photographic image. Today, pinhole fans all over the world have used different kinds of unlikely objects, such as cereal boxes and juice cans, to create their very own pinhole cameras—all in celebration of our humble beginnings!”


As much as I’d love to get creative with pinhole cameras, my hands are just not up to it. Enter the Lomography Multi Pinhole Camera. As well as offering the expected function of a pinhole camera, you can also fit this with a Diana instant back.



I’d like to play with super long exposures and night photography with this at some point.



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