Meet my cameras: Part 3

Now we’re getting onto the film cameras and things are getting more exciting and less predicatable!

Diana Mini


Cliffords Tower
Cliffords Tower, York

Other than two film cameras I had as a little one, my first film camera was a Diana Mini.  It takes 35mm film so it’s easy to find and easy to get processed.  It shoots in square format and “split screen” format (which has a better name but my mind is fuzzy) and if your camera gets a bit wonky it shoots in infinity format… My local photo developers didn’t like me for that but I have some great photos from it…

Diana Mini - Cliffords Tower2.jpeg
Clifford’s Tower, York

This camera is also great for double exposures. It’s very much a toy camera in the sense that you really can play with it. There’s lots of tips and tricks and filters out there.

Diana Mini - Goddards3

A fun way into film photography and the camera is pretty cute too. And small so easy to keep in your bag on a regular basis. It can be a bit fiddly to load and sometimes developers get a bit funny about it. That’s one of the reasons I stick to my local photo shop, they know me and know what they’re doing.


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