Meet my cameras: Part 2

Let’s get the digital cameras out the way before we move onto the film ones.  As well as my Nikon D40, I have a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix which doesn’t get much use these days (I like to have it when I’m away as it pops in a bag more easily when you’re out at night) and a Nikon D5500 with 18-140mm lens.

Nikon D5500


This was a BIG upgrade to my D40 but I think we can be safe that photography isn’t a short lived phase for me… It’s got all the things you’d expect of a modern digital SLR but most importantly for me, it was one of the lighter ones available at time of purchase and it has a flip out back screen which can be used as a live view screen.  This means I can take photos from angles I couldn’t otherwise reach as I can no longer crawl around the floor (boo, hiss).

DSC_0062 e

Without wanting to sound like it’s not a great camera, there isn’t much more to say really.  If you want to find out about spec and performance there’s 101 sites online you can turn to.  It’s a great camera with all the familiar features of the D40 and various additional ones.  I’d expect nothing else from a modern DSLR.

autumn walk


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