Meet my cameras: Part 1

If you follow me on twitter, you might be aware that I recently had a small ebay accident… I purchased a job lot of film cameras which the seller wanted to get rid off to clear space so was doing so cheaply.  I managed to get 26 cameras for £50 which is pretty amazing and exciting.  There’s a No 2 Brownie which is non functional, two Super 8 movie cameras*, four SLRs without lenses and the rest are a muddle of point and shoot and fixed lens cameras.

So, as I play with them and see which work and what they’re like to use etc, I thought I would create a series of blog posts to document my findings.  That sounds overly academic.. apologies, this will be fun, promise!


First up… The camera which has been with me the longest…

Nikon D40


I got this camera as an early 21st birthday present about nine years ago.  It’s the first DSLR I owned, the second digital camera I owned and probably the fourth camera I’d owned.  I love it.  It’s been with me all over the world and has served me incredibly well.  In fact I only got a new DSLR because my pain means that having a flip out screen is exceptionally helpful.  It’s such a good camera that my friend also got one (I’m crediting my good taste for his choice in that).

Ta Prohm, Siam Reap, Cambodia

When I got it, the D40 was the cheapest, bottom of the range Nikon DSLR available.  Having had and loved a Nikon point and shoot for three years previously, I was keen to stick with Nikon.

DSC_0375 (2) levels shadows contrast

I’ve used mine with three lenses: 18-55mm, 55-300 and more recently a 50mm prime lens.

York Minster
York Minster

* I plan on selling the Super 8s so if you’re interested in them let me know


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