Wanderlust review so far


(My take on week 15 which is about painted memories and led by Kasia Krzymińska featuring my Grandad as a young man)

We’re on week 15 of wanderlust and already it’s been a fantastic investment! Definitely well worth the price. I’d quite easily pay more for it. As well as techniques we’re learning about tools, materials etc

One of the sessions was hosted by flora bowley. I really admire her work and approach so it was great to have her teach.  She’s all about process not outcome and managed to explain some basics of colour theory really simply. But all the teachers have been fantastic.  And it’s all really well explained. Pitched as if you’re a beginner but not at all patronising.

I’ve been introduced to new artists, techniques, materials etc as well as given a chance to link with creative people all over the world.  Everyone is at a different point in their journey and it’s lovely to see how supportive people are being.

My highlights have included learning about acrylic paints (which is something I’d never really thought about before…), Flora Bowley of course, Mystele who introduced me to a grid approach to working (I love it!) and Kate Crane who gave us four videos of doodling and book making guidance.

One of my absolute favourite bits of the course is the five minute collage. One of my principles behind my creativity is that it shouldn’t be stressful and there are no rigid rules. On the course, people are saying they’ve done prompts wrong or can they use this instead of that. For me, there is no wrong, substitutions are great (the best tool or material is the one you have) and to become an artist you need to experiment.

Predictably I’m not managing to do all of the projects and follow along with all the challenges but I’m loving getting the inspiration and ideas and knowledge for the future.


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