The house

Some of you may be aware I have been waiting since February 2015 for an adapted or adaptable home. Well the epic wait finally came to an end, followed by a chaotic couple of weeks of carpet fitters, painters, door openers, toilet seats etc. I’m going to do a post at some point over on unlocking words about the adaptations but this post is all about the aesthetics!

Nb, I still have lots to do including putting up pictures etc.



My bedroom

I looove my room. The colour is so divine and warm and luxurious.






Spare bedroom (for carers when I need them overnight)

Painting in here only finished on Friday so we’ve not had chance to sort it out yet.

Living room


Look at that craft table! Don’t think my social worker took me seriously when I said if it came to sofa or table in terms of space, the sofa would go.


Excuse the drying clothes…


Those curtains are ace, they’re from a print in the v&a which has been restored and used to design a range of home furnishings. Love it.

And the kitchen

Which is looking quite functional still but I have plans! And the more observant of you will notice there’s no oven, it’s coming, fear not!



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