Art to heal

The idea of this piece is to work through a difficult situation or experience.

Stage 1:: gesso your surface.

Stage 2: cut out and glue down words which are related to your situation, experience or things you have lost. My canvas is about leaving work. I have applied to retire due to ill health which, at 29, is a very difficult thing to accept.


Stage 3: cover the canvas in dark blue acrylics and modelling paste



The idea is to cover the words but maintain some of the texture from them.

Stage 4: cut out stars and write on them what good you want to come from your situation. Paint them and glue them down, word side down. These are the shining lights in your darkness.


Stage 5: this is probably more guided by the nature of your issue. In my case, it’s either about a huge ending or a huge beginning. And I’ve chosen to represent this using a crescent moon. Other suggestions include a full moon, large star, shooting star, planet. Think about what symbolises your situation or what it will look like once you’ve started to move on or through your issue.

Stage 6: words. Perhaps there’s a particular word or phase which resonates or brings you peace. Use paint pens to add this to your picture. You might want to paint the edges of your canvas if they show.

Stage 7: hang it somewhere you’ll see it regularly.

Nb, this isn’t about ignoring those hard feelings. They are there and ignoring them or forcing yourself to move on too fast is not helpful. Instead this process is about acknowledging the pain, and also acknowledging that it will not be this way forever.


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