“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…”

Yes, even on a bitterly cold Monday in January.  A couple of weeks ago, my lovely carer and I headed to the east yorkshire coast for a day out.  It was… bracing.  Read as bitterly cold, biting our ears and blowing any cobwebs far far away.  But she was very patient as I got out my cameras and starting snapping away.

We started in Hornsea where the sea was right up and the waves were high and crashing into each other in white foam.

DSC_0026 e >DSC_0044 e

DSC_0029 e c

DSC_0046 e

After stopping for coffee in a tiny kiosk, we had lunch and pottered round some shops.  Then headed up the coast to Bridlington which could have been a different coastline altogether – the sea was out, exposing a huge expanse of sand and it was much gentler.

DSC_0053 e c

DSC_0062 e

Then we headed home, tired, through the snow dusted hills.


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