Mixed media – texture

I think one of the reasons that I love mixed media is the texture that’s involved in it.  The way that I approach creating texture means that you have to let go of the outcome because you simply don’t have much control over it.  You have a rough idea of the type of surface but not the details.

Creating texture

Playing with different ways of pushing paint around would be up there in my top tips for creating texture.  It gives you an idea of how the paint reacts as well as creating unknown effects and it detaches you a little bit from the outcome – you’re playing, you don’t know what the tool will do so you aren’t invested in making it look perfect.

Tools you could use include gift cards or old credit cards, old knives, baby wipes, bubble wrap, fingers, roller.. use them to apply paint but also the remove areas of paint eg using old pens to etch into the paint.

I like to cover a piece of paper in thickish paint and then lay paper on top of it, press it down and pull it up.  You’ll get a different texture each time with no control and have two pieces of coloured paper!

blotting paint

I have a tube of acrylic paint which is probably over 15 years old… It doesn’t work well as acrylic paint any more but it is still a fantastic way to add texture.  It’s got really thick and sticky in it’s old age and you can use it to add height and depth.

old paint
old paint

I’ve also just reached the end of a tub of gesso and used the dry plasticy paint that you get round the top on the inside to add texture to a canvas.


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