Wanderlust 2016

This year I’ve taken the plunge and am doing a YEAR LONG online art course. Eek! That’s a lot of commitment given that my life does not work in such a way to keep commitments…


Because Wanderlust is f0cused on mixed media and art journalling, I’m hoping that my existing regular practice of journalling most days will help me keep on track with the course.  It looks like there’s going to be a lot of different ways to get involved including a year long canvas which appeals to the part of me which has to pace* because of pain.  There are lots of different teachers and prompts and best of all, the support and social interaction does not happen on facebook.  This has stopped me signing up for courses before because I find that the interaction can be a really important part of the course.  Informal learning is great and it means you get to see how other people have interpreted a theme.  But I’m not going to sign up to facebook for that.  So I’m pleased as punch that they’re using ning as the host site.

The first prompt was one word to describe you today… and already I’m breaking the rules.  Mine were “burntout” and “tentatively hopeful”.

Has anyone else signed up for a course for the new year?

*not sure what I mean? Essentially it’s about finding how much of an activity makes you break, then doing less than that.  This means that you can do it for longer, with more breaks, so you get more fun and less pain.  But do check out The Princess in the Tower for more info if you have chronic pain or fatigue.


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