Soundtrack of 2015

So far this has probably been the most challenging topic… I don’t really listen to music… But i have finally got to grips with audiobooks. In particular, kindle whispersync. This let’s you switch between reading on your Kindle or kindle app and listening to the audio version. You can follow the text with the audio so i think it would be really good for early readers. One of the reasons I struggle with audiobooks is loosing my place and with this, you can flick through the text which I find much easier than trying to rewind an audiobook. Often when you buy a kindle book, the audio version (if available) comes at a reduced price.

If you aren’t fussed about having a linked text and audio book, check out your local library. At lot now offer ebooks and audiobooks which you can download at home straight onto your device.


Ps. I’m loving Robin Hobb at the moment!


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