Snow is falling…

… or at least it was at 2am this morning.  Here in York, nothing has stuck but the UK is in a bit of a flutter about the snow.  If you live here, you know we don’t cope well with in!

But it does make things look pretty… and photogenic.  Which is why, several years ago, early in the morning, before dawn, I was up and leaving my house with wellies and waterproof and hat and scarf and camera.  And I was rewarded for my efforts by York in snow, mostly untouched by humans.  It was such a great opportunity to take photos and I’m so pleased I dragged myself out of my warm bed that morning.

I couldn’t get into the Minster Gardens because it was too early but that meant all of the snow inside was fresh and crisp and I took photos through the railings.  Museum Gardens, with it’s ruins, had one or two trails of footprints across it’s white blanket.

York Museum Gardens in snow

Returning home to a warm flat and a warm drink was incredibly wonderful and then looking through the photos, checking the white balance (snow doesn’t always look right in photos!) and picking out the good shots made for a great way to spend the day.

And these shots are the ones I’ve used on the Christmas cards I am selling in order to raise money for charity.

Half of the profit will be going to the Violet Chambers fund which helps young people in care in York have memorable and meaningful experiences.  Having worked with some of the young people, I can tell you that the impact of these opportunities is amazing.  The young people chose their own experience and have included spa days with siblings, going to a show or even just going out for a meal.  These might not sound that much but for many children in care, these are opportunities that they wouldn’t get otherwise and in addition to the experience themselves it helps to build self esteem and confidence.

I know many people sell cards for charities at this time of year but so often only a tiny proportion of profits actually goes to the charity when you look into it – 10% seems to be quite common.  Half of my profits are going to the fund as I wanted the money to actually make a real difference to real children and young people.  This is a cause I believe very strongly in and would love your help to offer valuable experiences to children and young people in 2016.


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