Formal introductions


I’m Helen, a disabled photographer and artist from York, UK.  There’s lots of things I could tell you but I guess the main thing is that creativity is really important to me – it helps me with mental and physical disabilities and I really do believe it helps me to know myself.

In terms of photography, I like to play.  I prefer getting an unusual angle or shot to spending hours reading technical instructions.  This is one of the reasons I love to use film, especially on old cameras and expired films.  You really can’t plan what you’re going to get.

This is one of my favourite film photos.  It was taken in Bridlington a few years ago and the colour was how the film turned out.

beach huts with drop shadows

Changes in my day job mean I am working towards selling my photographs and art work.  To start with in the form of Christmas cards which are working their way to me in the post as we speak (or as I type!) so I look forward to being able to share them soon.



PS. in case you’ve stumbled onto me from the internet – my photos are at and my blog about writing and me and life is at


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